It has never been a better time to “rock the red” . . . New York City style!

What the red skate is about

In the heavily-populated world of new media following Washington Capitals hockey, we maintain an outpost further up the Northeast Corridor, in the heart of the territory of three old Patrick Division rivals, for Capitals news and views from a northernly vantage point.

We particularly aim to provide coverage of the Caps when the team is in town for “local” games @ NJD, NYR, and NYI throughout 2008-09 regular season, as follows:


We also plan to cover the Caps on the road in other venues in the Eastern time zone, as our schedule permits.

Wherever home is, Caps fans, keep rocking the red, and enjoy The Red Skate!

About me

I’m a Maryland native and a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park and the George Washington University Law School.  I live and work in New York City, and I’ve been a Caps fan since John Druce was “on the loose.”

Email me at spepper44 at yahoo dot com.