Tim Thomas sure has been beaten by Alex Semin for GWGs before this season.  But this time, according to the All-Star netminder, he was just lucky:

“That doesn’t happen very often — that kind of shot. That was one of the luckiest shots that I’ve ever seen,” Thomas said. “It was about 3 inches off the ice until about halfway to me, and I missed it. Or, I got a good piece of it. It originally started out as a pad save turned into a glove save and I missed it.”

Thomas said he was ready for the shot, but not for it to take off sailing. He also felt bad that the game ended in such a disappointing fashion.

The Bruins netminder said that if that situation were to occur again, he would instead try to get his chest in front of the shot to be sure that it doesn’t cross the goal line.

“He who laughs last, laughs hardest and we’ll see what happens,” Thomas said.

Got it.  See you in the playoffs.